Prana Yoga Rochester

Meet Our Instructors

Liz Corcoran

Tatyana Liz began practicing yoga as another way to stay in shape, by stretching and strengthening her body. She quickly understood that Yoga was so much more than another exercise class. It was transformative, a total mind, body experience. The breath, the movement, the meditation and the philosophy started to align in her practice.  Now she can’t wait to get on her mat. Her daily yoga practice centers and gives her the resources to deal with life’s challenges with more love, patience and compassion, both toward herself and others.

Liz has been practicing yoga in 2013 and completed the 200 – HR teacher training program through YogaWorks in June of 2016 at Prana Yoga. She is humbled and honored for the opportunity to share her knowledge of combining body movement and breath to create a sense of peace and well-being. Her hope is to make Yoga accessible for everyone, so they too can start their journey toward inner peace and self-study.

Liz is absolutely delighted to be a part of the Prana family and can't wait for you to join her!